Workshops And Tutorials

Workshop proposals are invited for the AfriCHI 2023 conference. The conference language is English. Workshops should focus on the Human Computer Interaction field. Further details about workshop focus and objectives are provided below on this call.

In the AfriCHI context, workshops are a platform for debate and co-development of ideas and approaches related to the advancement of research and practice within the field of Human-Computer Interaction (HCI).

Workshops may address any aspect of relation to Human-Computer Interaction and may provide opportunities for interactive discussions and co-design that would advance the field.

Workshops are facilitated by a group of leading researchers and pioneers who are actively engaged in their respective HCI field based on their previous research contribution. The participants will act as leader and coordinators for the session development and ensure successful and timely execution of the session. They will prepare in advance to share perspectives, knowledge, and interest in the workshop theme. The outcomes of workshops include heightened sensitivity to recent issues, joint publications, and research programs and critical yet friendly feedback on emerging ideas. Often, they establish or solidify research networks and contribute to community building.

Each successfully submitted workshop proposal is reviewed closely by the conference organising committee, to ensure a balance of content for the conference program and will be either accepted or rejected for inclusion in the conference. Accepted workshops are announced on the conference website. The workshop will run for a full day, with scheduled morning, lunch, and afternoon breaks. Workshops will run in parallel with courses as pre-conference activities on 27 November – 01 December 2023.

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