Spotlight Series

#SpotlightOfTheMonth – Third Edition

In this edition of the series, we are showcasing Nic Bidwell, the founding technical co-chair of Africa Human Computer Interaction Conference (AfriCHI) in 2016.

Prof Nicola Bidwell was founding technical co-chair of the inaugural AfriCHI in Nairobi, Kenya in November 2016 (Proceedings chair in 2021, DM Consortium chair in 2023). She has striven to support African leadership, has mentored and co-authored with many early-career African researchers and continues to push for better recognition of African scholars, such as on international program committees and the SIGCHI EC.

  • Nic put ‘decolonizing technology’ into HCI’s field of view and believes international HCI has much to learn from the African Ubuntu philosophy
  • She is most comfortable in facilitating rural communities to do their own research on their own terms (e.g. building the capacity that led to Zenzeleni Bahlali iNetworks.

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